Mellem Education, 2012 - present
After some years working in the field of discrimination and Human Rights, I have decided to start my own organization, based in Denmark but working all over the world (mostly in Europe and the US). This organization, Mellem Education, mainly delivers trainings in a method called Betzavta, an interactive and experience-based method whose goal is to build and strengthen people’s awareness of themselves and their effect on others. This self-awareness plus awareness of others is achieved through a training based on Democracy education, where the goal is to recognize every person’s equal right to freedom. The trainings bring together the personal and societal, the individual and the system and works to uncover all that is between (”mellem” in Danish) people, cultures and societies.






The Digital Bridge, 2010
As part of the work with the Anne Frank Trust UK, I have been planning and currently implementing a project called the Digital Bridge, which digitally connects youth in Germany and the UK through a series of activities inspired by Anne Frank. This is a collaboration between The Anne Frank Trust UK and the Anne Frank Zentrum in Germany.






The Anne Frank Trust UK, 2010
Currently working with the Anne Frank Trust UK as the North East Regional Coordinator, organising and delivering workshops for young people around the North East of England. Anne Frank’s story is used as a platform to talk about issues of today, including identity, stereotyping and conflict.





Sundroids, 2010

Helping design and develop workshops teaching young people about energy. Students will learn how to use solar panels to create energy to power kinetic art sculptures. Workshops will take place in the Harehope Quarry in Weardale, Co. Durham.








MA Thesis, March 2010

Wrote a Master’s thesis for the Intercultural Conflict Management program on the link between deradicalisation policy and its implementation. The question posed is whether the implementation of deradicalisation policies is in fact helping to unite communities and prevent extremism, or having the opposite effect, perhaps even causing more radicalisation?





German Chancellor Fellow, 2008-2009

Was selected by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for completing a year-long research project in Berlin, Germany. My project was a curriculum that uses digital media tools to bridge cultural divides across two or more different ethnic groups. I was able to continue to work on this curriculum during a short residency at ISIS Arts in Newcastle, UK.


Prison Education Initiative, 2007-2008

Was a volunteer in the Prison Education Initiative group, teaching evening classes to women at the Riker’s Island Jail in New York City, teaching a range of classes from Life Skills to Practical Math.

Vision Education

Vision Education & Media, Program Manager, 2004-2008

Worked as a Program Manager, a mentor, managed Human Resources, and organized the annual professional development conference. Taught a number of classes for creative after-school programs that integrate digital media, including Web Design, Game Development, Flash Animation, Digital Video, Digital Audio and 3D Modeling.



SoBRO TEC, Program Manager and Mentor, 2005-2008

Managed and mentored three-year program funded by the National Science Foundation as part of my work with Vision Education & Media. A different techonlogy was used every semester, combined with a different theme under which the technology can be taught. The program was a collaboration with SoBRO and was geared for high school students in the South Bronx of New York City.



ITP Thesis Project, 2005

"New Projects, Young People" was my thesis project for the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. The result was a video documenting the ups and downs of an after-school program in digital video. The students also produced their own short movie during this program.




brace yourself picture



Brace Yourself, 2004

"Brace Yourself" is a project developed at ITP which enables disabled people to play video games using a fannypack. The fannypack rests on your body, and the user’s body movements control the game.




brace yourself picture

Drummy, 2004

"Drummy" is a wearable drumming jacket built for the New Interfaces for Musical Expressions class at ITP. This jacket has 6 sensors, 2 on the stomach, 2 on the shoulders, and 2 on the hips, all making different sounds when hit. Click on the image for the entire NIME show that took place in May, 2004.






Salsa 1001, 2003

Salsa 1001 is a project built in my first semester of ITP. It is a machine that teaches you how to dance Salsa by stepping on squares and following steps on a screen.




In Your Face, 2002

"In Your Face" is a movie made for a Digital Video Special Effects class at Georgia Tech. It was made with fellow student Mohammad Mahmud. Click on the image to view the movie and here for the Making Of.