Brace Yourself

Population: Those who enjoy playing video games who are disabled; Those with autism.

Need Addressed: No ability to use fingers; problems in balance

Description: This brace is a controller for a video game which allows the player to wear the controller on his or her body, instead of using the regular video game controller. The player would lean their body forward to map to the up button on a controller, backwards to map to the down button, and sideways to map to the left and right buttons, respectively.

Technology: PS2 video game controller, one accelorometer, 5 transistors, a BX-24, 1 big red switch.


I will use an accelorometer, which will be connected to the BX-24. I will have four switches (transistors) which will be connected to the physical switches on the controller. By testing the values of the accelorometer, I will decide when to turn which transistors on and off, so that it corresponds to the switches on the controller. The two big switches will be directly connected to the two main "jump" switches on the controller.

Possible Materials: This part of the project will also be the project for my Industrial Design class. I will use their knowledge and help in picking a material that works best, as well as designing it so that the technology is as hidden as possible.

elastic abdominal binder
life vest
deep pressure vest

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midterm - progress